Bėgantis paskui aitvarą / The Kite Runne (2007) online

Bėgantis paskui aitvarą

Metai: 2007
Žanras: Dramos
Trukmė: ~128 min.
Režisierius: Marc Forster
Kalba: Lietuvių (Profesionalus)
Aktoriai: Khalid Abdalla, Atossa Leoni, Shaun ...
In the 70's in Afghanistan, the Pushtun boy Amir and the Hazara boy Hassan, who is his loyal friend and son of their Hazara servant Ali, are raised together in Amir's father house, playing and kiting on the streets of a peaceful Kabul. Amir feels that his wise and good father Baba blames him for the death of his mother in the delivery, and also that his father loves and prefers Hassan to him. In return, Amir feels a great respect for his father's best friend Rahim Khan, who supports his intention to become a writer. After Amir winning a competition of kiting, Hassan runs to bring a kite to
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